Boyer Marketing

Helping You Find Your Niche

Boyer Marketing is a Los Angeles-based company. We started in 2003 as a web designing company but as the company grew and our services expanded we changed our name and expanded services in 2013. Today, 90% of our business are referrals.

We bring a number of equitable solutions to help with grabbing the attention of your online visitors, generating leads with 100 % exclusivity and making your marketing memorable.

Our nation-wide list of clients includes: entertainer, bookkeeper, attorney, faith-based organization, Travel company, publisher, chiropractor, non-profit organization, license counselor, and much more.


One of the most critical aspects of marketing your product starts with defining your target market then asking, who and why someone would purchase your product? Another question to ask is where can you find them? Both questions should top every marketers list if they are serious about selling more products.

We work with businesses to uncover their 'niche' marketing group using combination of research strategies to fit your business. As a result you FOCUS more on selling your product/service to the clients that want it. If you desire to increase your business here are three question you must know:

  • What one word do I own in the mind of my customers?
  • If I closed today would my customers care?
  • What makes my customers tick?
Find the Strategy

Building your brand doesn't have to be complicated. Whether you are an entertainer, business profession or not-for-profit team, developing your brand is what's most important.

If you would like our consulting team to help you find, develop and expand your brand just your information.

Tell the Customer

Finding new customers from a warm market is very PROFITABLE. The key is to market your product to a target audience and let them come to you.

These exclusive clients will have an UNLIMITED amount of time doing noting but reading your product profile and can easily purchase your product.

As a preferred partner, we will work to ensure your product is showcased in the best light EVERY DAY.

Quality Traffic

Many business owners owners don't include the following but I want you to learn the inside scoop how marketers succeed. That is, consider having demo and psychographics strategies in place for your marketing strategy. Why is that important?

  1. Demographic will help you understand 'who' you are targeting
  2. Psychographics will answer the 'why', that is why your potential customers do what they do.

By employing both strategies you will out produce your competitors every time.

Corporate Mailing Address:
14071 Peyton Dr. #1603 • Chino Hills, CA 91709
(909) 461-6138 (Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM PCT)