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Are you looking for a new strategy to generate income? As our affiliate, you instantly earn $7.00 for every Elite Membership Card that is purchased from you.

Let me ask a question. Do you know anyone that love to shop and would be interested in receiving preferential rates? If yes, Elite Membership Card is a perfect fit.


This member only card include: preferential rates, upscale products, pre-sale and weekly notifications, to name a few from our growing list of local and online preferred partners. Additionally, those that purchase the card will receive:

  • Exclusive membership and UPSCALE products
  • Pre-sale alerts to save you money and time
  • Preferential rates on-line and in-store
  • Supporting local businesses
  • Monthly E-gifts
  • And much more
  How does it work?  

It's simple! You purchase the cards wholesale for $5.00 each (minimum of 25) and sell them for $12.00. The online retail price for the membership card is $13.95 online but again, it can be purchased from you for $12.00.

Your Income
$7 x 25 cards
$7 x 50 cards
$7 x 100 cards
  How will members receive their card?  
  Directly from you.The cards can be sold throughout the United States.  
  What businesses are included?  

Currently, we have a growing list of online businesses such as:

  1. Caters and Event Planners
  2. Estate Planning Attorney
  3. Network Marketing
  4. Tax-lien Investing
  5. Etiquette Training
  6. Candle by Marty
  7. And more
  Are the businesses online?  

YES. Located on the back of the card the user can scan the QR code using a smart device and instantly download the list of preferred partners, contact information and preferential rates. For those that do not have a smart devise, a web site address is also provided on the back of the card. Click here to view a sample

  After purchasing the card form you, do members have to pay a monthly membership fee?  
  As of today, purchasing the card from you is a one-time investment.  
  Who can I call if I have questions?  
  If at anytime you have questions, please contact our office at 909-461-6138 (9:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M.) or use the contact form.  
  Do you require a minimum of orders?  
  There is a minimum requirement of 25 cards.  
  What percent of sales will I receive?  
  You earn $7.00 per sell.  
  What about sales tax?  
  Please consult a legal professional in your area for advice.  
  When will I receive my cards?  
  Deliver of Elite Membership Cards takes approximately 1-2 weeks after the payment is received.  
  What if membership cards arrives damaged or missing?  
  We will happily replace any missing or damaged cards. The Boyer Marketing Team of America, LLC has a 100% satisfaction guaranteed policy!  
  Ready to start?  
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