Our company, Boyer Marketing Team of America, LLC has a web site entitled; TheClassyShopper.com.  This web site has a growing membership of passionate shopper’s that’s interested in upscale products.


On the previous page we shared a brief outline concerning the 5 strategies on how to reach these passionate shoppers, lets take a closer look...

  Strategy #1 - Referral Publication (Hard Copy)  
  Upon approval, your product will be listed in a referral publication entitled, The Boyer Elite Gold Book™. This printed book will be delivered to the homes of high-valued customers.What are your benefits?  
  • Showcase your business with a FULL PAGE inclusion with a custom QR code
  • A maximum of 37 preferred leading authorities per publication
  • Free delivery to homes of high value customers
  • 100% EXCLUSIVITY available
  • Local and National Distribution
  • 1,000 publications per run
  • High gloss attractive book

As an Referral publication,The Boyer Elite Gold Book™ is a high gloss attractive book, offer special discounts, and free stuff; your representative will work hard to ensure that your Ad inclusion in The Boyer Elite Gold Book™accurately represent you.

Ad inclusion images specification:

  1. File size: (Max: 8.5 x 11 / Min: 5 x 7)
  2. File type: psd, tif or jpeg
  3. File quality: 300 dpi
  Strategy #2 (BONUS) - Digital Showcase  

Also, your product will be listed in the digital version of The Boyer Elite Gold Book™ and E-Mailed to our members. Your Ad inclusion will have a ‘live link’ to direct members to your web site.

  Strategy #3 (BONUS) - Discount Alerts  

Another unique feature to help promote your products is our discount alerts feature. Tell us when your product is going on sale and we will E-Mail blast it to our members.

To create a sense of urgency, our members have only 24 hours to purchase your product before the DISCOUNT expire.

  Strategy #4 (BONUS) - Reverse Marketing  

After reviewing the information your provide, your Marketing Agent will assist with the development of a single concept in the minds of customers using the following three points -

  • Techniques One is to create a brand that speaks to the customers mind. Using such strategies as demo and psychographics, to name a few, we will uncover 'who' your customers are and 'why' they do what they do.
  • Techniques Two is to uncover potential customers hot buttons and buying hurdles. Because the more you know about your potential customers the easier it is to sell to them.
  • Techniques Three is to learn potential customers buying tendencies in order to connect them to your product.

Our team of marketers will use all three techniques in order to connect your unique marketing voice to potential customers problems.

Prohibited Businesses
  • Gambling, offensive language
  • Get rich schemes
  • Any illegal activity
  • Adult content in any fashion
  • Hate speech
  • Provocative images or languages
  • Or, whatever our team deem inappropriate behavior for our unique target readership.
Ad Inclusion Includes:

1. FREE distributed to: (a) homes of high value customers (b) community venues and events


2. Receive demographics and psychographics evaluation and Ad inclusion recommendation


3. Receive 25-50 full color hard copies for your own distribution


4. Placement printed in 1,000 copies (8.5 x11)

5. Complete listing of contact information  
6. Up to high quality images  
7. 100% Exclusivity  

8. Full page inclusion

Guaranteed 100% Exclusivity!

If you are one of the first 11125 elite business owners to secure your spot, we can guarantee 100% exclusivity. Your product will stand alone in:

  • 1,000 hard copies in The Elite Gold Books™ that's hand delivered to high value homeowners
  • The digital subscription is E-Mailed to all new members with a live link to your web site

Receive Guaranteed 100% Exclusivity right NOW, just click the Pay Pal button below and you can start immediately submitting your product information for inclusion.

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